Invoice generation can be reversed. This is an advanced process with potential for critical error. Caution is advised. 

Navigate to the Invoice Line Items List View and find the line items to be ‘un-invoiced’. Next, select ‘Troubleshooting’ from the Scripts Menu, then select ‘Show All Fields (Line Items)’. 

Clear the following fields in all records: 

  • Inv Ref 
  • Billing Date 
  • Batch No 
  • Due Date 
  • Tag 
  • Temp 
  • Temp 2 
  • Temp 3 
  • Temp 4 
  • Temp Total Line Items 
  • Temp Invoice Balance 

Navigate to the Invoices List View and find the invoices to be ‘un-invoiced’. Then, select ‘Troubleshooting’ from the Scripts Menu, then select ‘Show All Fields (Invoices)’. 

Note the first invoice number in the found set. Then delete the found set. 

Finally, contact a member of the Music Monitor team to request your invoice number be reset. You will need to provide us with the invoice number you noted earlier. If you do not have a Music Monitor team member reset your invoice number, the invoice numbers used by the deleted invoices will be skipped on the next invoice generation.