(This feature is not available for version 9.156 and earlier.)

Additional paid work can be added to teacher's rolls as pre-approved payments. This work can then be marked like a tuition or ensemble record and paid accordingly. This feature allows easy management of regular or irregular scheduled tasks for teachers.

Go to PeopleContactsForm ViewPre-Approved Payments.

To add a new pre-approved payment, select Add Record (the green plus button).

A dialogue box will ask for details for the payment.

Type of Work selects the pay rate. The dropdown includes any pay rates with Category 'Other'. This list can be accessed and edited by selecting Edit List.

Description is a free type field which should be used to specify the work.

Qty sets the number of units to be paid for the work. The units are set by the selected pay rate in Type of Work.

Two options are available for dates:

  • Pre-approved work with a Date of Work will appear on the roll in the designated week. Use this for once-off work.
  • Pre-approved work with an End Date will appear on each roll until the End Date. Use this for regular work.

Select Save to finalise your selection. The added work will then appear in the pre-approved payments portal.

Pre-approved payments can be added to a found set of teachers in bulk. First, find the relevant teachers, then select MorePre-Approved Payment for Found Set.