Calendar Exclusions highlight conflicting calendar entries so you can flag them for review. 

The ‘Calendar Exclusions’ button opens a view of the current calendar exclusions. New calendar exclusions can be added using the ‘New record’ button. 




You can select ALL students or select Form Home Groups, Year levels or enter custom text. Form/Home Groups are viewable in a pop over window when you click the Form/Home view button. 

You can also attach a document to a date. A lot of schools send around lists of students involved excursions or activities. These documents can now be uploaded to Music Monitor. They can be viewed by the teachers on their screen. 








You can also repeat a selected entry by selecting ‘Repeat Selected Entry’. Add your parameters and continue 

To view the exclusions, navigate to the day of an exclusion. The exclusion will be visible by a yellow asterisk next to affected by the exclusion. This will be visible from the calendar and the calendar tabs in room management, students and contacts. 

It is also viewable on the daily schedule. Click the printer icon to view the daily schedule. 

The exclusion will be highlighted in yellow. If it is a long exclusion you can click in the field to view the entire exclusion 

The yellow asterisk that shows if a calendar entry is clashing with a calendar exclusion can be dismissed. Teachers (or administrator) can click the yellow asterisk to dismiss.  

A message will appear asking if they are sure they want to dismiss the exclusion. They can click 'Cancel' or 'Yes'. If 'Yes' is clicked the yellow asterisk will not display again on that record.  

You can delete individual entries by clicking on the cross at the left of the line or delete a found set of entries by clicking on the button in the header. 

If you need to add a new calendar exclusion (or edit an existing one) after teachers have already started work on their timetables, you may need to check whether any teachers have already ‘dismissed’ the exclusions for that date.  On the calendar exclusions screen, click the ‘Show dismissed calendar entries’ button. 

This will find and display any entries that have ‘Yes’ in the ‘Dismiss’ field for that particular date.   

You can clear this field by removing ‘Yes’ in one of the records and then replacing field contents. This ensures the asterisk will once again display for the teachers to see on their timetables.