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First, select Find and enter the start and end dates of term in Date. Enter the dates in the format "start...end" (for example "29/01/2024...28/03/2024"). It's best to use a Monday as the start date even when the first day of school is later in the week (for example, use Monday 29/01/2024 as the start date of Term 1, even if school does not commence until Tuesday 30/01/2024).

After the Find has been performed, only the dates inside the term start and end dates will display.

Next, enter the term name in the first date of the term, then, with the field still selected, select Replace.

Review the Replace dialogue, then select Replace.

Next select Enter Week Names. The script will automatically name the weeks "Week 1", "Week 2", etc.

If any manual adjustments are needed, they can also be made, either one date at a time, or in bulk using the replace button.